Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is finished.

Nursing my baby that is :) Silly to blog about it, but I wanted some kind of record :) I've spent the last three weeks or so trying to outlast my maniac of a ten month old. I've mostly gotten screaming and hitting when I've tried to nurse him...not so much fun for I mentally decided I would keep offering until he flat out refused me...and that happened yesterday. Today we woke up and didn't nurse at all and its been fine. I really wanted to make it to a year, but 10 months and three weeks is really close. I'm ok with it. (but sad because he's my baby and its something only I have been able to do for him for the past 11ish months!) I'm also really happy about how it all went. I've been on both sides of the breastfeeding spectrum. I had a terrible time with Owen. I mostly pumped for four months and bottle fed him breast milk before quitting altogether. Wes on the other hand has always been a boob man. :) Latched on perfectly after birth and we didn't look back. Not a single problem. I'm so glad God gave me the opportunity to see things from both sides. Its given me empathy when I hear about other people struggling with breastfeeding--I know the struggles are real. I've been there. And on the flip side, God gave me a wonderful nursing relationship with Wes...something I really, really desired. So thankful he fulfilled that desire!


Owen started school on Monday, August 29! It was sort of anti-climactic because it was a half day...and he already only goes half day, so I dropped him off at 9:00 and picked him up at 10:30...he was like...."its time to go home already?" :) Today (Wednesday) was his first "full" day of school. He goes from 9-12 on Wednesday's and on Monday and Friday he stays from 9-1 and gets to have lunch. He seems to really like his teachers and classmates and I think he's pretty excited. He has 11 kids in his class; 8 boys and 3 girls! Shew! Poor teachers! His teacher, Mrs. Schmitz is cute as a button and we really like her. Today he learned about reading a calendar (among other things, I'm sure)...when he got in the car he said "Mom, today is Wednesday. August 31, 2011." Thanks preschool :) Pretty exciting times!

Monday, August 15, 2011

God would ask us to move during soccer season! :)

Our house is sold! Well, kind of. Nothing is ever really sold or official until closing, but we think we have sold our house. OK. We have accepted an offer and are working towards a closing date of Sept. 19! Realizing that things can always fall through, we believe that this might actually happen this time around.
So we are packing. A little every day. I don't really know how to do this. Josh packed up our house in Warsaw because I was working and he was only working a little bit (part-time). Mostly, right now... I'm throwing a lot of things away. How do we accumulate so much STUFF!? Its disgusting. And then there are the: I-can't-throw-this-away, but-what-do-I-do-with-it things. Like: Josh bought me a Winnie the Pooh snow globe for my birthday when I was in high school. Ha. I'm sure I loved it at the time. Its a nice one---he probably spent some real money on it (at the Disney Store)...but what am I gonna do with THAT? We have no girls. Do I just keep it in a box forever and ever until I die and my boys go through all my stuff and ask themselves..."what am "I" going to do with THIS!? Good grief. Its so hard. And then Owen is collecting all of this "artwork". And its only going to get worse with preschool starting at the end of the month. Do I save every little piece? I mean, I just can't. I'm going to have to pick and choose. And THEN there is the question of all of our baby gear. Do we keep it? In the event that there is a third child?! (I mean, in the event that hell actually freezes over and Josh agrees to a third child..OR an "accident" happens and!) I can't decide. Its very traumatic for me over here...packing up...making decisions on what to take with us and what to get rid of. Geez.
For now we are going to be living with Josh's parents in Brownsburg. We are really grateful that they are going to let us stay. Otherwise we would have to find something to rent...but this gives us the opportunity to put some $$ back in our savings since we are really taking a pretty big loss on our house.
We are looking every day for a new place to live. We are considering: Brownsburg, South Carmel and Zionsville. We are trying to stay away from the vinyl siding communities since we consider that to be our starter house and hopefully where we end up moving will be our forever kind of house. I'm choosing to be confident that God is going to bring us our perfect house at just the right time...or at the time where I decide I can't deal with not having my own place to raise my children anymore. Whichever comes first! I trust you Lord! :)
Ok...that's that! Here we go!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Months of Wes!

Our baby is 10 months old! Here are a few highlights of this past month:

- He went from scooting only around on his belly to full fledged pulling himself up to his trying to stand on his own! (so far unsuccessful! :))
-He continues with two good naps a day (he usually goes back to sleep about an hour after he wakes up! just can't keep those eyes open!) and sleeps all night. (generally 10+ hours)
-Continues to be a great eater. We aren't sure but we think he MAY not love noodles! Funny since that is all Owen will eat! A couple of new things he has tried this month are: hamburger, eggs, real life adult oatmeal and maybe you had a bite of mom's corn dog at the fair. We are STILL nursing! We are consistently 3 times a day now: morning-afternoon-night. Its lovely.
-Loves Owen....loves to crawl after him around the house..."play" with him in his room....pull himself up to him...stick his fingers in his get the idea :)
-Doing better in the nursery at church. We pulled out our tough love of "you page us when you can't take it anymore" with the nursery workers and he is going on three consistent weeks of being in the nursery the whole service. Last week was the first week he didn't cry the whole time. It also took Owen three weeks. I hate doing this but it is SO worth it when we can drop him off and enjoy the entire service without having to juggle a baby during service! I told the nursery workers to just feed him cheerios the whole time...and I think they do :) Someday we will have to work on "food does not = happiness!" :)
-He is still in a size 3 pamper and really has grown out of any six month clothing--solidly into 9-12 months.

We love our fiery, but lovey redhead! He makes our life better! (and sometimes crazier! :))

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The differences between the first child and second child in our house amuse me sometimes. For instance: I followed every single parenting guideline presented to me by my pediatrician with Owen. (I mean, for the most part) With Wes, not so much. The other day, Wes toddled over to Owen's cup (which had a lid with a straw) and partake of some good ole'....cows milk. Gulp. Yep. Not so much supposed to have cows milk until you are one years old these days. He didn't drink a little...he drank like...all of it. A big cup of it.... In about 14 seconds. And just now, I momentarily lost my mind and filled his little sippy cup with...yep. Cows milk. So, I guess he's drinking cows milk now :) Just a little shy of his 10 month birthday. I'm guessing he'll survive.
(still breastfeeding too....trying to figure out how much longer. We'll see. Josh and I booked a vacation to Maine for just the two of us at the end of October so we'll have to be done by then I suppose!)