Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer came early to Indiana

It has been in the eighties all week this week...craziness. I'm a girl who appreciates the seasons and honestly I'm feeling a bit gipped. I know I shouldn't really complain, but geez. My kids didn't even get to build a snow man this year...and now we are skipping spring and going right to summer? I'm ill-prepapared. I don't have my summer tote unpacked, and I have yet to get a pedicure. My toes aren't ready. Seeing as how I start counting down the days to fall after about oh...July 4th, I'm not really sure how this extended summer season is going to work out for me. I'm one of the weird ones, I get that.
The children are happy so that's the important thing. Owen and Wes have spent every day outside doing something. Chasing each other, picking up sticks, we've gone on walks, met lots of our neighbors, even sat on the front porch at night to look at the stars. Summertime weather does have its perks, but I wasn't really ready to turn on the AC in March. ( I honestly also have my doubts that its really going to get any cooler!)

Owen has gotten so tall. His gangly little legs are so much ganglier in shorts. We had to make an emergency run to Old Navy to grab some properly fitting warm weather attire.

On the flip side, Wes seems awfully short :) I had him in some 18 month shorts and they were basically pants. Wes goes in for his late 15 month check up next week so I'll have to hop on with some stats. He seems stocky but short. We'll see where he is on the charts. I'm also wondering if they have a means as to measure craziness...because, wow. Temper, temper. :)

When I look back at my life, I will sadly recognize this period from Jan 2012-March 2012 as the dark period of no pictures. Meaning, I have really took none. NONE. I know. Bad, bad, bad. I may have snapped a few here and there with my iPhone, but nothing of significance. Josh has left the camera downstairs for me now so I'm trying to get inspired to take some new pictures.

I am recovering from strep throat....I don't really think I've ever been so sick. It was terrible. Penicillin is truly bringing me back from the dead and I can now at least function again. I spent two days in near delirium. Not caring how much food had been spilled on the floor or how gummy the countertops had gotten. Josh was in charge and I know for dads to be in charge, I can't expect what I get done every day to get done by him. I'm trying to make up for lost time. The laundry is a desperate situation (its almost always bordering on desperate anyways! :))

This is the calm before the storm in relation to spring soccer. Josh had no practice this week at all....but next week starts outdoor practice...meaning, practice...every day except Friday :( Games start in full force after Spring Break and its a six-week whirlwind of craziness for Josh.....and I will be on my own with the kids for a bit. I'm trying to gear up for it!

That's all for now. Just a little update! House projects have largely been on hold for, but I do hope to do some painting over spring break. We'll see how game Josh is :) Happy Summer everyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Kids Do/Say Funny Stuff Every Day

But I'm not put together enough to get on here every day (or even every other day, apparently) to write it down.

Yesterday, Owen got in the car after I picked him up from school and promptly said "Mom, I'd like to talk about Star Wars if you don't mind" :)

He also told me yesterday that when he got home he was going to change his clothes because that's what dad does. I said, "You and daddy are buddies, aren't you?" He said..."ya, we are. Except I don't know why he spanked me two times" :) I said, "Well buddy, if daddy spanked you its because you were being disobedient." Owen, "Ya, I guess you must be right mom."

And Wes....well, Wes is currently playing with my handheld dust buster and beating on it with a wooden ladle. I should probably go.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fun Stuff my kids do Day Two(ish)

Ok, I didn't get on here yesterday. But, I can remember yesterday. There were a few cute moments :)


Wanted to count to 100 on the way to school...he does well except he has trouble making the turns from 19-20, 29-30, get the idea. At one point we were well into the eighties and he reverted back to the know, but its important that we keep trying. :) (Funny enough, his teacher has commented on both evaluations-he's had two so far this year-that his strong suit is definitely language while he seems not interested/weak in math. I think its really early on in his life to determine anything...but we'll keep our fingers crossed that he inherits more of his father's math skills than his mother's :))

Is beyond excited to attend his friend at school-Qwentin's-birthday party on Friday. He's been x-ing off the days on his calendar in anticipation. Each day he wakes up asking if it's Qwentin's party day yet.

Currently dislikes Cubbies because the teachers don't let them sit on the alphabet mats. (random)

Declared that he would be skipping naps as an adult so that he could go to a job to pay for a house that he would have when he was which he would live in with Audrey. From what I can gather, Audrey is his best pal at school. He talks about other boys some, but Audrey is actually a good friend. She helps him with his coat, zips up his backpack from time to time...lets him go first in games. I like Audrey. We may need to have her over for dinner :) He then changed tracks quickly and confessed that he wasn't exactly sure that Audrey was who he wanted to marry after all. He had to think about it. I told him he had plenty of time. He agreed. :)


Is using "uh-oh" in appropriate situations. He dropped (threw? I'm not sure) a toy on the floor the other day and exclaimed "oh-uh" rather traumatically. Its super cute.

Is really interested in carrying around a ziploc bag with his food in it.

Started a new thing yesterday of being obsessed with emptying out my bottom drawer in the kitchen which contains...freezer bags, garbage bags, ziplocs. Uh. ya. fun.

Is becoming quite the open mouthed kisser :)