Friday, May 28, 2010

20 week check up and ultrasound

BB2 is looking good! We got to take a look at our peanut (who is not really a peanut anymore, I suppose) yesterday...and our ultrasound revealed that everything checked out great! Josh and I both thought that we caught the gender (obviously if we thought we saw it, we thought we saw "boy parts" ) but after talking to the technician and thinking about what we saw, we are convinced that what we saw isn't conclusive :-) It could have been the cord or a hand. We didn't do an in between the legs shot and the ultrasound tech said that while she caught the gender, she thought it would have been next to impossible for us to tell. Ok. So...I'll try to act surprised when I give birth to another beautiful boy in October! ha ha! OR, I'll be really really surprised when my baby is proclaimed a girl! Really, I supposed its still a mystery, its just hard to believe that something in between the legs is parts :-)

We got to see all four chambers of the heart, all of the vital organs, the spine and a QUICK side profile shot...this little one was moving around SO MUCH that it was really hard to get measurements! And...I will post the ultrasound pictures eventually (we are having a little computer trouble at home), but the profile pic is blown up and very blurry because its the best the tech could get with all of the movement! I was a little dissapointed in that, but mostly just very relieved that our baby is lookin' fine :-)

My blood pressure was GREAT (better than the last two visits even), I'm finally up one pound and my sugars continue to look good (last time I failed my glucose test but passed my three hour test, so they are monitoring me more closely this time...obviously type one diabetes run in my family so I need to be watched).

Have we shared our names yet? I don't think officially.
The deal is that Josh gets to pick the boy name. We've decided on two: Benjamin Aaron or Wesley Jameson. I like them both equally! What do you think?
Our girl name is set in stone: Clare Elizabeth

Feeling really blessed and grateful to so far have to two healthy kiddos. 19 weeks to go! (I'm 21 weeks today and really am fine to stop gagging ANY DAY NOW :-))

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Puggles End of the Year Program

Oh goodness....these pictures are too much :-) This is what happens when you get a bunch of 2-3 year olds up on stage in front of parents, grandparents, friends....We actually took a video of this too, and its probably super annoying because I am laughing and snickering in the background the whole time!
With that said...Owen loved Puggles! Puggles is part of the AWANA program...for toddlers! It was great! They learned a verse ("God saw it was good"!) and sang two songs: "The Wiseman built his House Upon the ROCK"! and "Father Abraham". I cannot express my joy when I see my child growing in knowledge and truth at such a young age...we are so blessed by our church, College Park, and by the amazing people that take care of our little ones. Owen will be a Cubbie next year! Fun times! Enjoy the pics...have a few smiles and giggles!

"The rains came down and the floods came up"!

"And the wiseman's house stood FIRM" (Owen really liked the FIRM action! :-))

Hi Papaw!

Hi Daddy!

My personal fav... :-)

"Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had father Abraham, I am one of them and so are you, so lets just praise the Lord, RIGHT ARM, LEFT ARM"! :-)

Still waving.... :-)

More waving...

Certificate of completion! Cool! Hopefully the first of many! ( ha ha :-))

BB2 Update

BB2 (Baby Brown 2) and I had a great check up last week (4 26.10). I was measuring right at 16.5 weeks (they wanted to change my due date again, I said...not necessary :-) I get it. I'm due AROUND 10.10.10!) No weight gain for Momma yet, blood pressure still looking acceptable (good in my opinion, but what do I know!?) and the only fun thing we got to do this time was hear the heart beat, which was found RIGHT away this time....and was beating right at 150 beats per minute. I also had the opportunity to undergo the genetic testing at this appt....but we declined, as we did with Owen.
So...everything is lookin' good! I (FOR SURE) started feeling this little one move around at 15 weeks. Its like little butterflies...or a goldfish swiming around in my belly :-) I moved into maternity pants at about 15 weeks and...lets just be honest, its a much more comfortable way to do life. I'm happy, baby must be happy...good feelings all around. Our next appt is at the end of May and we'll get to have our ultrasound! So excited to take a look at this sweet pea! (but not the in between the legs area. I am unwavering I tell ya! :-)
Ok. That's about it for BB2 and I. Feeling pretty good....much less vomiting and while I still fall asleep by 10:00 PM on the couch, I'll be honest. I did that before I was pregnant, so I can't say that anything is much different. :-)

Toy Story Party!

So, I'm a little behind on blogging. (and laundry, but lets stay focused!) Facebook is a bit more user friendly, so pictures get uploaded there right away. Its just easy :-) However, in the spirit of keeping a journal, I need to get caught up over here on blogger. So, here we go!

Owen had a wonderful birthday party! We packed our house out (again, when will I learn?! 1600 sq. ft=NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR FORTY PEOPLE! I'm clearly in denial!) with dear family and friends and celebrated in true Woody and Buzz Lightyear style. My child might actually think that he IS Buzz Lightyear. I'm not sure. I'm neither encouraging nor discouraging it. How many times in adulthood do you get to entertain the idea that you are a superhero anyways?! Not many for me! I'm pretty sure most of my days are filled with bill paying, cleaning, working, child training and ....well, I'm not totally miserable. We do have a date night here and there....and I do get the occassional trip to California with the girls, he he :-) Anyways. I'm just sayin'. If he wants to think he's Buzz Lightyear, its probably ok. Chances are, he'll grow up and have to do life just like the rest of us boring old adults! Whew! Rabbit trail! Here are the pictures! Enjoy! I can't believe my BABY is THREE!!!!