Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Brown #2

Its a totally different pregnancy. Not that I didn't partially expect that, but I was of course hoping that I would get a repeat of Owen. Oh no.
Sickness came for me at about week nine.

I had a 12 week check up on Monday and I was down on weight (not really a big deal in my case) but I was severely deyhydrated and my thyroid levels still looked bad. So....I was given Zofran, and they've upped my synthroid again. Zofran...not a huge fan. I tried it, didn't seem to help so I doubt that I'll be using it again unless I'm severely desperate.

In happier news, Baby Brown #2 SOUNDED good. It took FOREVER, and I mean FOREVER for my OB to find the heartbeat...and I thought I was going to get another ultrasound out of the whole deal...but she ended up finding BB2 nestled on the left side of my belly. Heartbeat was fine....weirdly I was measuring "small" (like they really have a clue about that right now) so my due date was moved back a 10.10.10! ha. Really that means anything. I'm sure it will change 50 times before BB2 is born!

My next check is in another four weeks...but its just a heartbeat and measuring check (where I'm sure the due date will be adjusted yet AGAIN :-)) and then the fun ultrasound will be at the end of May. (where I will be closing my eyes until the technician says its ok to look because nothing will out the sex of BB2! :-)) I threaten all the nurses and technicians within an inch of their life if they let the sex they are plenty afraid of me by now! If they ruin my surprise, I will SUE! That's right!

Ok....well...that's it. Just trying to stay documented. I'm sure this was riveting reading for you all! Happy Wednesday!

Also. BB2=Baby Brown #2. Just in case you didn't catch on. :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bell-Bells and other Owenisms

Owen calls door bells, bell-bells and I think its really cute, and I know I'll forget it so I wanted to write it down.

He can also sing the entire song "Jesus Loves Me" except when it comes to the part where it says "little ones to him belong" he says, "little ones to be him long"....again, its just really cute.

He called grapes "beeps" for a really long time. He doesn't anymore of course, but I don't think I wrote that one down either, but I'd really like to remember that one too.

We've been talking a lot about Jesus and bible related stories lately. I bought him a fairly reasonable Children's Bible after Christmas and while I haven't been perfect about it, we generally read from it before nap or bed at least 4-5 times a week. Recently we spent a lot of time reading about Joseph and his amazing coat. Somehow Owen got more focused on Joseph's brothers, and now when he is playing he says that he is one of Joseph's brothers and he is going to throw Joseph into the well. Hmmmm......ok. Well, at least he is paying attention?!

Our conversations about Jesus usually include how Jesus lives in Heaven, how much Jesus loves Owen and how Owen wants to fly like a bird to see Jesus in heaven, and that someday he will probably ("probably" is one of his favorite words right now) be able to fly. He will say: "someday mom, someday when I'm bigger, I will be able to fly". Ok Owen, but Jesus didn't make it so boys and girls, or mommies and daddies can fly. Birds can fly because they have wings, but we can't. Unless we fly on an airplane. "Someday mom. Someday". :-) Its cute.

Lastly, on the cuteness factor, explaining that there is baby in mommy's tummy is seriously confusing to Owen. We showed him a picture of our ultrasound and he asked us why the baby was black :-) Josh and I about died right then and there! Of course we explained that this was just a picture and when the baby comes out of mommy, he/she won't be black. Owen often asks me when I will be going to get our baby and if the baby has to live with us. :-) I tell him that after summer is over our baby will be born, and yes, our baby will have to live with fact, the baby will have to sleep in Owen's crib. "Ok mommy. I can share".

He's the cutest of the cute. In between the whining, the throwing toys (this is a new one...."Buzz Lightyear has to FLY mom!"), testing the waters of disobedience....etc....I know for sure that my kid is pretty awesome. I'm a blessed Momma. Can't wait to see what our new little one will be like. Hopefully the terrible morning sickness that I've been enduring is no indication of the temperament he/she will have :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Brother

No, not like the TV Show....

Like, Owen is going to BE a big brother :-)
Blogspot is the last to hear our news!
We are very excited (and a bit fatigued and nauseous---me more than the boys :-))
I'm just at ten weeks and we are due Oct. 9! ( I'm kind of hoping for a 10.10.10 birth date...although NOT at the risk of another crazy induction :-))
I would write more, but I'm getting ready to go out the door for a girls weekend to California!
More updates to come....and just in case you wondering about if we will change things up and find out the sex this time.....NOPE! You'll just have to hate me for it! I love waiting! We're calling this little one our "gummy bear" since Owen was our "baby bean" :-)
More soon!