Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

I'm short on Christmas cards this year by pure stupidity :) I'm hoping some of my friends and family will hop over to read this. Sorry. I'll do better next year! Merry Christmas/Happy New Year! Imagine a pretty card with our pictures on it! You the gigantic picture at the top of the blog! :)


December 15, 11

Dear Friends and Family,

Hoping this letter finds you well! 2011 was somewhat of an eventful year for us, so we thought we would catch you up with a nice ”little” letter J

I celebrated my 30th birthday in February…kind of distressing and hard to accept…ha! But, my husband threw me a lovely party in the midst of our massive ice storm and I was loved on and celebrated by dear friends and family. I’m more than thankful when I look at my life and recognize that I’ve been able to be blessed with so much in 30 years…an education, a good job, a home, a loving husband and two beautiful, healthy boys. God really has been so kind to me!

Among other things that took place this year, Josh treated me to a long weekend out east! I have always wanted to take a trip to the east coast in the fall to enjoy the scenery and get away. We went over Josh’s fall break to Portland, ME and had a wonderful time visiting lighthouses, eating lobster and even taking a day trip to Boston, MA. It was a great trip and we hope to go again with the boys!

Josh applied for and accepted a new position at the end of September. He took a test to become licensed in teaching secondary English (high school) this summer. He officially left his position teaching special education at the Alternative Learning School in Perry Township and moved over to Southport High School to teach lower level English courses. This was a great move for him since he already coaches and manages the soccer program at the high school. Its fun for him to finally be part of a “normal” school and although somewhat surprising to me, he is doing really well teaching English! J (I joke with him because I am the one who always proof read HIS papers in college!) I love the fact that I finally have papers to help grade (something I’ve always wanted to do as a teacher’s wife!) and he is looking forward to helping the English program develop and move forward at Southport. Along with teaching, Josh continues to coach varsity soccer at Southport and as well as head coaching for two club teams with Westside United.

Owen started his first year of pre-k this year at Traders Point Christian Academy. He has really loved it! I knew that school would be something he enjoyed, and I was right! J He goes M-W-F, from 9-1 and it is just the right amount of time. A few things that he has really mastered this first semester are: recognizing and writing each letter of the alphabet, recognizing and writing numbers 1-10, drawing shapes, cutting along a line, and the pledge of allegiance! We are looking forward to next semester and are prayerful about where we will send him to kindergarten next fall. Such big decisions! Some other fun things that Owen did this past year includes : learning how to swim (and he can REALLY, TRULY swim!) playing soccer for Little Kickers in Zionsville, attend preschool camp at Traders Point, and continue on for his second year of Cubbies (AWANA) at our church, College Park. He is a busy kid and loves people. We are so blessed by him!

Wesley turned ONE in October, which is completely hard to believe. He is a lot of fun and has much passion and spirit J He is finally happy (well, happier) to be part of the nursery on Sunday mornings, and does even better at my Tuesday morning bible study childcare. He started walking between 13-14 months and he is going to keep all of us on our toes! We love this little guy a lot and are excited to see who he will become.

Our biggest news is that we sold our home in September and we are waiting to close on a new house in Brownsburg on Dec. 22! It is a lovely, older home located near the middle school…and we are so excited to have our own space again and put some updates in to make this house great. It will be a wonderful spot for our boys to grow up in and we are feeling so blessed that we were able to sell and buy in this economy…it was harder than we anticipated! We look forward to having you to our new place and hope that you will come visit us soon! Our new address is:

3 Fairwood Dr.

Brownsburg, IN 46112

We hope that you have had a wonderful 2011! Praying that 2012 is a year of blessing and growing in God’s grace for you and yours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Brown Family

Josh, Kim, Owen and Wesley

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Owen's Christmas Program

Owen had a Christmas program at his school (Traders Point Christian Academy) today :) I feel like a semi-terrible mom, because he is definitely under the weather. In fact, I raced him the Pediatrician on Tuesday late afternoon because I thought he had strep. We found out he didn't...just a nasty virus that is being passed around, and that he wasn't really even contagious. So, we've been drugging him with ibuprofen (Owen's wonder drug) and gatorade. He feels great about an hour into the ibuprofen high, so I tried to work it so that that high would take place during his program. I kind of made it...he did ok. He definitely looked a little zonked, but I'm glad he got to participate. :) He came home, ate lunch, watched a movie with dad (who took the day off of work to see Owen's program...SCORE!) and then he slept from 1 pm-6 pm! My poor little bubby! Feel free to intercede on our behalf by asking Jesus to show us kindness and mercy and SPARE the rest of us (especially Wes!) this nasty virus! Yuk!
Here are pictures from the program this morning :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wes can walk

This post is so anticlimactic. My littlest booger can walk. We've known this for awhile. He has just chosen not to. He prefers crawling. He prefers this weird scooting around on one knee, dragging the other leg behind him. Supposedly, this is faster. He will tease us every so often with a few steps here and there, but mostly refuses. We spent the past weekend with the Gross family. Will, their youngest...(he's twelve months old...a good month and a half younger than Wes) walks. I think Wes felt the peer pressure. He came back from our visit walking a whole lot more. He still doesn't walk all the time, but he walks more. His first consistent steps were right before his birthday. I guess he likes to do things progressively.
That's all. Wes can walk. When he wants to, I mean.

(Wes also is a screamer. Any thoughts on that?! :))