Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We've moved

Here's the funny (read: stupid) thing. I named my blog by the name of the street we live on. Duh. Why would I do that?! Can I rename my blog?! I have no idea. Help anyone?
I think anyone who knows about our lives know that we are hanging out in Brownsburg (well, technically Pittsboro) with Josh's parents until we can find our next home! We are looking! There hasn't been much on the market that we are too excited about. We will consider south-ish Carmel (106th and below), Zionsville (as close to 65 as possible) and Brownsburg. I imagine Brownsburg will be the best compromise. (since Josh works south, but doesn't want to move south and Carmel and Zionsville tend to be on the high end of our price range) We'll see. I'd love to live right next to College Park. That's my # 1 preference!
Pray for us! Jeff and Anita have graciously made it "easy" to move our family of four in to their home. We are grateful. Short-term leases are hideously expensive and not something we wanted to do...but we also want to continue liking our inlaws/parents and having a friendship with them so mentally we are hoping to be out in 3-4 months tops. (Please Lord!) Actually, I've secretly asked God to give me a new house for my birthday. He has a couple of months to work on this. As long as Jeff and Anita will have us and let us look...we will do our best to make the living arrangements work :) Its a step and journey of faith for me for sure...but its a good way to grow myself and depend on the Lord!
Anyways, that's my short update. We have a P.O. Box in Brownsburg if anyone wants to send us mail :) here it is: P.O. Box 331 Brownsburg, IN 46112

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

11 months

Sheesh. 11 months. Its hard to believe. This has definitely been the fastest year of MY life.
Here's a brief recap:

Weight: 19 lbs
(I don't know length or head measurements because we haven't had a well child check up...I only know the weight because I took him in to have his ears checked :))

Sleep: all through the night-up around 7:30; morning nap from around 9:30-11:30; afternoon nap around 1:30-3:30 and bed between 8:30/9:00

Food: We quit nursing just shy of his 11 month birthday. (reference post below :)) This was completely baby led. At the advice of well seasoned breastfeeding mothers I tried to push through to see if this was a nursing strike or if he was really done. After two weeks of trying to push through, I decided we were really done. He eats table food wonderfully and drinks from a sippy (filled with cows milk or water) cup fantastically. He recently started exhibiting a displeasure for...wait for it....macaroni and cheese?!?!!! What!? Its true. He takes it out of his mouth and hands it back to me. OK. He loves meat. Loves it. Will gladly eat a hamburger, meatballs, steak(!)...yah. Eats veggies well. Loves green beans. Eats all fruit well. Prefers bananas.

Mobility: Crawls like a pro---and is a FAST ONE! Watch out! Pulls up to stand easily and now scoots around the couches and anything he can hang on to. Can actually stand unassisted, but prefers not to. Will walk around holding someones hands.

Personality: I've been saying for months how fiery and temperamental he is and I think this past month he has been a little bit more cool headed. He has been a bit more love-y and snuggly and a BIT less prone to bouts of screaming and baby temper tantrums :) They still exist, they are just a bit less frequent. He watches Owen every second he can. However, Owen has started to tell him no about things he doesn't want him into...which results in a desperate-mad scream and fist pounding. Wonderful :) He has successfully lasted in the nursery for the last 6 weeks and I feel that it is getting better....but he is still quite upset at drop off and I often find him being strolled around outside of the nursery when I pick him up. We will continue to press on in faith and confidence that he will enjoy "Sunday School" someday. :) On the flip side, I attend a bible study at church on Tuesday morning and he spends 2.5 hours in childcare during that time....and does exceptionally well. He will even nap! I don't quite understand the difference. Oy vey :)

I think thats about it! Next month I'll be doing a one year post! Agh. Can't believe it. I need more babies. Or maybe not. But, gah. Does it really need to go this fast!? Love my Wessie. So glad he is ours!