Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Funny, Funny, Funny

This is just a cute Owen story that I want recorded :-) Humor me.

Ok, so Owen is a total sponge right now. I swear he hears EVERYTHING we say and REPEATS 98 percent of it. Knowing that, we (Josh and I) have really REALLY had to work hard at curbing our language. I'm not talking about sailor swearing here....I'm talking about dang-it, stupid, DARN and the mother of all toned down swear words," Freakin'" and "Crap". I would like to say that my dear husband is more guilty when it comes to using these sort of words, but I am probably just as much to blame. So, we didn't quite manage to not let Owen ever hear us use these words...and he's picked up on them. I had to have this conversation with him about two weeks ago:

Me: "Owen, mommy is really sorry that she said the word "crap". It is not a nice word. It is not a word that I want to say anymore, and I am going to try really, really hard not to say it. It is also not ok for you to say this word. If you are upset about something, you can say something else. Let's try this. Instead of saying "oh Crap" we can say "oh bummer"! Ok?!
Owen: Ok Mommy!

We move on from there. Things go relatively well. I really don't hear him use the word "crap" at all. I ocassionally hear, "dang-it" or "darn-it" and when I do, I remind him that we don't say that....but tell him that he CAN say "oh bummer"! I start to hear "oh bummer" integrated into his daily vocabulary.

Now the actual story...I missed out on. Josh relayed it to me. Apparently Owen was playing with something (a toy, I'm guessing), and it fell on him, or he dropped it or....yah...something like that...anyways, whatever happened, Owen's reaction was "Oh CRAP"! Josh immediately jumped in and said something like, "Owen we don't say that word" to which Owen replied "Oh. Sorry daddy. I should say OH BUMMER"!

I am STILL laughing at this! My kid is so funny! Seriously. :-) He cracks me up on a daily basis. I'm thankful for this small object lesson and reassurance from God....we can mess up as parents and still God gives grace and teachable moments. That being said, I'm making a big point to clean up my language! No more potty mouth for me! :-)