Thursday, July 21, 2011

Twins are here!

Kendall Lynn and Korbin Alan were born yesterday (7.20) around 6 PM.

Kendall was 5 lbs 15 oz and Korbin was 5 lbs 10 oz.

They are very sweet! Heather is a superstar and is doing good!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wes-nine months

Weight-18 lbs, 7.5 oz
Height-28 inches
HC- 44.8 cm

Oh boy. What to say about Wes at nine months? :) He is a fireball! He's very healthy and doing great developmentally. He's basically crawling. He CAN crawl, he would just rather scoot on his belly...but I've seen him crawl for real :) And he loves to try to pull himself up to stand...although he can't quite manage it yet. He tries!
We are still nursing! YAY! I can't believe it. He is actually really hard to nurse right now. He has serious nursing ADD and I'm really only nursing him three-four times a day, and those nursing sessions are somewhat challenging because he is so wiggly...but, I'm just not really switching to formula at this point. I'm determined to make it to a year. (Although he does get about a bottle a week of formula while I teach lessons)
He eats solids like a pro---he recently started to refuse anything that was spoon-fed to him---so we are pretty much completely doing table food at this point. Clearly he is growing and gaining weight so I'm not worried about him like I was with Owen :) He is doing quite well with a sippy cup news ever.....he gave up the paci! It happened about two weeks ago...he just started to refuse it and hasn't taken it to go to sleep or anything for a solid two weeks. I feel like this is a huge blessing. I was worried that this was something that would be long and drawn out and we would have to "take" it from him someday. So glad he gave it up on his own. And really, it wasn't helping anymore. If he's going to scream, he's going to scream. Paci or no paci :)
He is still in a size 3 pamper. Easily into 6-12 month clothing---12 month clothing fitting the best.
He is as sweet as can be one minute--and angry and fiery the next :) He has no patience for sitting in a high chair...and wants what he wants NOW! Oh boy! This should be fun! :)
He loves Owen so much. Completely smiles and laughs and gets so excited when he is around him. However, Owen has started telling him "NO" when he starts to get into something he shouldn't be into (or grabs a toy Owen doesn't want him to have :)) and it completely makes him mad! He will scream at Owen and clench his fists! NICE! Can't wait for some brother wars!

No real words yet....lots of babbles like: ba ba ba ba, and da da da da. I'm still hoping that a "mama" is around the corner :)

I think that's about it!

Owen: stats

4 year old well child check up (just a little late) :)

Weight: 30 lbs 2 oz
Height: 39 7/8 inches
BP: 82/50 (they now do blood pressure instead of head measurements! So funny! I guess his head is fine :))

He checked out well. He is decidedly skinny. (in the the third percentile for weight, 25th for height) Our new-ish Pediatrician, Dr Pedersen asked us if Dr. Skafish ever worried about his weight...and we told him that he never had, even though he had fallen off the charts at one point. (Dr. Skafish was our original Pediatrician. He left our practice right after Wes was born to go work exclusively with kids who have ADD/ADHD. I really liked him. He was old school, very wise and very down to earth. He also loved Jesus. We miss him. But Dr. Pedersen is good to. She is young-ish, with three small children of her own so I feel like she can empathize with the stages we are in. Its all good. We are staying put.)
Anyways. The weight thing. Yes. He is skinny. He has always been barely on the charts in weight (except at birth...he was nearly eight lbs at birth!) Josh and I were both small children. He isn't ill, he's just skinny. Dr. Pedersen decided he was fine :)
She did things like: a scoliosis check, blood pressure check, talked about developmental milestones...etc. He checked out fine!