Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, Christmas happened. We closed on our new home. My two boys both got ridiculously sick (possibly mono, ear infections and a horrid drug reaction that made Wes look like a lepper). Josh, my brothers in law, and my in-laws went to work on the house ( I did get to help prime the cabinets and paint about a room and a half....that was it. The house was a war zone not fit for Wesley's presence and Owen was too sick for me to be away from him or doing something else). New Years happened (I went to bed at 9:30...par-tay!), We moved into our new house and....I tried not to have a nervous break-down about unpacking our house. Its been busy. I have pictures. We are all really happy in our new place. We love the playroom/tv room. We love having a fireplace. I dislike being even further away from Owen's school and our Church. But all in all, its so great. We feel pretty blessed.
I'll pop back in soon-ish for some picture updates and new things to talk about. Possible topics: 1. Deciding where to send Owen to school next year
2. My baby is a maniac who screams a lot and throws many tantrums (but is also sweet and rubs my face when I rock him to sleep)
3. How much I love my bible study and women in the study
4. How much I hate Jillian Michaels and her "don't take more than a five second rest!" craziness!
Be back soon-ish!