Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fun Stuff my kids Say Day 1

I know I have all of this backlogged blogging I need to get to. To say that we have slacked on extras in life is a understatement. We realized that we haven't really taken any pictures of the kids since Christmas. Not acceptable. Moving into a new house and getting some projects done and just breathing again in our own space has been the priority. :)
But I'm inspired to keep track of some of the fun things going on in our lives too. My kids say/do hysterical things on a daily basis. I need to remember them and keep track of them better. So, here we go.


After fighting me over dinner for about 20 minutes I finally had to pull out the "you have five minutes to start eating your dinner or..".(something will happen...privilege taken away...I can't remember what exactly. This provoked him to start eating. A few minutes into eating, he looks up and says "Mom, you know, I'm really starting to like this stuff!" (go figure!)

Owen was running around playing guns with Josh tonight and all of the sudden he slid over to me and grabbed my leg and said "Mom, I just needed a hug break" :)

Told me he was praying for me to feel better while I was getting him ready this morning :)


Loves to pat my mouth while I'm talking to make me sound like an Indian
Started saying the word "car" today (sounds more like "ca")
Randomly snuggled me without it being nap time or bedtime today...a rare occurrence I assure you!
Will stomp his foot when he is angry about something OR when Josh turns on the Kinect to play a game :)