Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm thyroid-less!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to update with a quick post----
I had my thyroid surgery on Friday, July 17 and everything went really well. I was actually in surgery for a bit longer than I anticipated....evidently the scar tissue surrounding the left side of my thyroid was a bit hard to get around and Dr. Miskulin had to spend a little bit longer digging around, but eventually she was successful. Coming out of the anesthesia was the hardest part for me....I woke up in recovery really hot and sick to my stomach. The nice nurses covered me in ice packs and gave me some took me a bit to come out of my sleepy grogginess, but I was able to be discharged from the hospital around 8:00 PM Friday night. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday being very sore and extra raspy voiced....and today has been a bit rough as I've run a low fever, had some signifigant swelling and been pretty dizzy....BUT the good news is that its getting easier to swallow and the pain is certainly lessening. I'm looking forward to feeling better each day!
In the meantime, I've been really blessed by so many friends and family that have been willing to help with everything from brining us meals to helping us take care of Owen. So thankful for friends/family and the community of believers that have come to our side to help us out!
Anyways...I knew a lot of you were wondering, so I wanted to give a quick update. Thanks for your prayers....well wishes....and love! I anticipate that I'll be back to "normal" (whatever that is!) by the end of the week :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Florida: 2009

Well, we are back and we had a great time. We flew in on June 30 (Tuesday) with some rainy weather which continued through Wednesday. We were starting to get a bit nervous when everything magically cleared up in the sunshine state and the rest of our visit was filled with sunny days. We got home late Monday night July 6 and slept happily and gratefully in our beds! (vacation is always wonderful, but there truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!)
Here are our pictures in no particular order....and these are just SOME. We took over 300! I've already posted these on facebook so if you follow me there, you will find this a bit repetitive!
I also want to say thanks so much to friends, Curt and Laura Sharbaugh for letting us crash with them and treating us to a great time! You are always so selfless with your time, food and home! We love you and are blessed by your generosity!

It rained a bit on Thursday morning so we hid out in the covered outdoor playground on the beach! Owen had a blast!

Running.....always running.... :-)

So, our kid is pretty darn cute.....

Did I mention that Owen likes to run? He'll walk around saying "Mom, I run, k"? :-)
Lunch at Frenchys!
Unfortunately Owen was terrified of the fireworks! We did not see this coming! He buried his head in our shoulder or chest the whole time, usually with his eyes closed tight...and he refused to look! Later he admitted that he was "scerred". Poor little guy!
Our unsucessful attempt to capture a group picture of the kids....
The cutest twins I've ever known! Micah and MacKenna Sharbaugh!

Personally, I think this picture should win some sort of award!
We love you Kenna!
I think someday....Owen and Micah will really be buddies!
And...we've already talked about arranging a marriage between Owen and Mackenna!
We wanted a picture of the moms and the babies...this is the best one...a bit dark and windy, but you get the idea!
"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure."
A few Familiy shots....
Happy 4th!