Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oh right. I forgot to share that....our boy can SWIM!
These swim lessons were not for the faint of heart. Monday-Wednesday of week 1 was pretty much torture for all of us. By Thursday he was smiling and tearless and it continued that way through the rest of week two. Hands down some of the best money I've ever spent in my life. It was worth it...even if it did make us cry. And I mean both of us. I cried. Owen cried. Josh had to walk away when Owen was screaming for us! Man, but still...its all good. I don't think we damaged him for life and I'm so happy that he can honest to goodness...SWIM. No floaties. No life-jackets. He can put his face in the water and open his eyes underwater. He can jump in and swim the pool and he can back float. I'm so happy. Thank you Mylin Swim Academy. We are BIG fans!

I think I forgot...

to do an "Eight Months" post for Wes.
Wes was eight months on 6.9
His eighth month has brought him (and us):

-two bottom front teeth
-successful scooting
-much more interaction between baby and others
-emotions. Shew. Can we say BI-POLAR!? This baby is as sweet as can be one minute and clenching his fists in anger with ear piercing screams the next. Yes. He's going to be an interesting toddler. He is well equipped with red-headed passion.
-He eats almost all food well. He does not care for yogurt. He still nurses...right now our nursing schedule is really weird. I thought we were getting into a consistent nursing of morning-afternoon-night, but yesterday he nursed a lot more than that. Whatever. Since day 1 I've decided that I will nurse him on demand. Its always worked and (knock on wood) I haven't had a single nursing problem with him. No mastitis, no plugged ducts, no thrush, no weight issues, no supply issues. Nada. Its how I always imagined it could be. Your baby is hungry, you nurse him-voila. Perfect. So, I refuse to rock the boat, although I do plan to wean him or at least only nurse at night by the time he is 1. (That all is probably more than you wanted to know. Sorry bout your luck on that one. This is like my journal :))
-Weight is nearly 17 lbs (I took him to the Pediatrician yesterday for an ear check because he's been tugging on them--his ears were clear and they weighed him which is the only reason I know how much he weighs. They didn't measure him so I'm not sure how "tall" he is at this point.)
-He loves: baths, cheerios, mum-mums (rice cake type snacks for babies), his brother, his momma and daddy and.... ATTENTION!
-He hates: being changed, (clothes, diapers..he hates them both equally), being left in the nursery at church, NOT being paid attention to, and socks.

Love my red-headed bubby. He's going to keep me on my toes, I can feel it :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Of note:

Wesley's first little tooth poked through on Wednesday, June 1. Its his front bottom right tooth. Does that make sense? It does to me. That's all that matters I suppose.

Owen loves bandaids and we think he is purposefully getting "owies" so he can have bandaids. He can also touch the bottom of the pool at the Brown's in the shallow end and he was loving the fact that he could walk around in the pool without swimmies. Swim lessons start next Monday! Fingers crossed that he doesn't FREAK OUT! :)

I also "dunked" the baby in the pool. Yep. I'm that mom. I put him under water real quick and...he thought it was hysterical. After a few moments of confusion he was laughing. Shew! I don't think I traumatized him!

Wes is on the BRINK of crawling. It has to be soon. He dives from a sitting position to his belly but won't stay up on his knees quite yet.

Ok. That's all!