Friday, July 20, 2012

Wesley, 21 months

Wes had a well child check up yesterday.
Here are his stats: 

Weight: 24 lbs, 15 oz (41%)
Height: 34 1/4 inches (70%)
Head cm: 48.2 (59%)

I really can't believe how tall he is! I keep thinking he seems short and stocky to me, but he is definitely not short. :)

He had a good check up. He is done with shots until kindergarten! Yay! Dr. Pedersen and I talked briefly about language development and how I feel that he is probably technically a little behind...but I know that he understands things well, and he really is busting out new words all of the time...he just doesn't talk on a super consistent basis, he prefers to jabber. She told me that it would be easy to do a speech eval., but based upon other points, like how social and interactive he is, she doesn't worry about anything like autism. 

Wes still vacillates most days between sweetness and pure crazy-ness :) We have decided that some of his crazy-ness is most likely in direct relation to his teething. I feel like he had a bout of about 4 weeks where he was pretty chill. The screaming and mania has picked up again in the last four weeks. 

He is eating well again, not being quite as picky. He continues to be my "foodie". He prefers homemade food to any kind of convenience food :) Although there seems to be no method to his madness...he will eat a well rounded meal for lunch and then eat barely anything for dinner. Its the toddler in him I'm sure. I don't worry. I know before long my boys will be eating me out of house and home :)

He loves to look at books, play cars, play with trains (read books about trains, watch "Chuggington" on Disney, make the "choo choo" sound :) you get the idea)...playing outside is a favorite, he prefers to slide and doesn't care to swing. 
No question, he has a temper. He has started to hit for no good reason, and have traumatic break downs and screaming fits of "nooooooooo!" :) He is strong willed and determined that is for sure. He reacts to discipline from Josh much better than he does from me. He doesn't seem to take me quite as seriously for some reason...even though I discipline him! I promise! I do :) Not to make it sound that all of his days are filled with chaos and craziness. He can play happily and be quite agreeable when the mood strikes him. He is just a different personality from my easy-peasy, laid back Owen. I pray that his passion will serve him well in his adult years! ha!

He is a good sleeper, and recently in the last month transitioned down to one nap a day...which usually ends up being from about 12-2 or 1-3. Somewhere in there. The best thing is that he sleeps around 11-12 hours every night. I can lay him down for bed around 7:30 and he will often sleep until 7:30 or even 8 AM the next morning. He needs all that sleep to build up the crazy :)

We love our crazy lovey :) He is almost two! Hard to believe!

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