Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Owen, Age 5 (and some change)

For recording purposes.....
Owen had his five year old check up on Monday with our lovely Pediatrician, Katie Pedersen, MD.

This visit involved the dreaded shots required for kindergarten. They are over. We all survived. Josh stayed with him while I entertained Wesley in the waiting room...he actually does better with Josh than me over things such as shots. I'm ok with that. So glad its over. So glad.

Anyways. The stats:

B/P : 94/52 (must be nice to have a blood pressure like that, right?!)
Weight: 36.4 lbs (14%)
Height: 42 1/2 inches (32%)

Dr. Pedersen said he was growing just fine on his growth chart. He is still decidedly skinny. No real shocker there. He has definitely grown taller and I feel like his appetite is really picking up.
No real concerns. He sleeps well, eats ok, no potty troubles, no issues/symptons of note....he's lookin' good!

Some of the things he is really into right now:

BATMAN! (and most all super heroes, but Batman takes the cake)
riding his new big boy bike
Cars 2 and playing "spy games"
NOT taking naps :)
Macaroni and Cheese
Carrots! (cooked...in butter and...salt....but hey. its a veggie. We'll take it!)
Successfully maneuvering the monkey bars
video games and campouts with dad
helping mom bake
NOT cleaning up his mess :)
"helping" his little brother, usually to Wesley's disapproval :)
silly string
playing with friends
not knowing a stranger
asking really difficult theological questions that make me scratch my head and plead for wisdom!

Some of the things he has done or will do this summer are:

Another week of swim lessons at the Mylin Swim School (he already did this...first week of June...it was helpful! He really worked on getting the free-style stroke down and taking breaths while swimming with his face in the water)

A week of day camp at Eagle Church in Zionsville with his buddies from preschool, Graham and Qwentin. (He did this already too...he had a blast. The week we sent him was "Ooey Gooey Science week"...and he brought home all sorts of goo...and slime...and ya...what AM I supposed to do with that?!)

Indians Game with "airplane" Grandma and Grandpa

Playing T-ball with the YMCA on Saturday's (right now he is just practicing, but his games start after the week of July 4)

Going to French Lick for a few days with mom, dad, Wesley and "airplane" Grandma and Grandpa (right after 4th of July)

Endless days of fun at "Patches" Grandma and Grandpa's house where we swim, fish and occasionally play with our cousins :)

VBS at College Park for the first time (he's finally old enough!) the week of July 9! Fun!

As you can see, we aren't truly vacationing this year. Adding to our family unexpectedly and realizing that we have given away a majority of our baby things made us reevaluate our frivolous spending budget :) Still, I think the boys are having a pretty happy summer.

Thankful as always for a healthy, sweet, growing boy...growing too quickly. I treasure these days. He still kisses me and loves on me with great affection. I know my days of public displays of affection are numbered. Thank you God for our beautiful child. We are grateful!

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